Head Lice Relief That Is 100% Effective - Nontoxic & Poison Free!

Those who suffer from head lice are desperate for relief! The tragic truth, however, is that most commonly prescribed "remedies" do far more harm than the condition they are meant to treat!

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More than 12 million people, mostly children, are infested with head lice each year in the United States alone. These tiny parasitic insects feed on human blood; their bites are a source of pain and severe itching. And lice are easily spread by sharing the same clothes, hats, scarves, combs or brushes with an infested person.

The chemical treatments prescribed for head lice include toxic pesticides and insecticides masquerading under the generic name of "pediculicides". The most common active ingredients that fall under this classification are Lindane, Malathion, Pyrethroids, Permethrin and/or Carbaryl. Like all poisons they are highly dangerous. One or more of them are known to cause immune system suppression, vomiting, diarrhea, convulsions and dozens of other even more hideous "side effects".

To make matters worse, these toxic treatments are often overused, left on for longer periods of time and used more often than recommended, by well meaning parents and others in a desperate attempt to rid themselves and/or their loved ones of lice infestations. So much so, researchers are finding mounting evidence that head lice are now developing a resistance to pediculicides!

KD Gold™ Head Lice Remover, on the other hand, contains nothing but food grade ingredients! Yet even though it kills head lice, KD Gold™ isn't poisonous to them or us! As impossible as this sounds, there is a simple explanation.

The exoskeleton of head lice is composed of oil-based molecules. So, KD Gold’s colloidal micelle action dissolves it, the same way it does any other oil or grease molecule. Since mammals are aqueous (water)-based, rather than oil-based, KD Gold™ kills head lice, yet is absolutely harmless to humans and animals. But it gets even better!

Though lice have a life span of only 25 days or less, an adult can lay up to 150 eggs, or "nits" as they are called. The nits are attached to hair with a powerful glue-like substance, and hatch in 7 to 10 days. The newly hatched lice take only 9 days to mature and begin the cycle all over again. Breaking this cycle is imperative to ridding one of head lice, yet most prescribed remedies have little or no effect on nits! KD Gold™ not only kills the lice, but also dissolves the cement that holds the nits in place, allowing them to be easily washed away!

We know of nothing safer, nor more effective than KD Gold™ when it comes to removing head lice. Why not try some today and see for yourself! You'll be glad you did!

Comes in pump foamer bottle. Also available in 32oz and gallon (128oz) refill sizes; and a super concentrate. Please see Links below.

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