The Best Bathroom Exhaust Fans with Light and Heater

For those of you that have spent any time renting, you’ll be too familiar with the unfortunate problem of an overly humid bathroom. One incongruous spot rapidly multiplies into many, turning your once spotless bathroom into a mold-infested jungle. Needless to say, these spots ruin the aesthetics and make for a grimy bathroom, as well as being a possible health risk if left untreated, and can cause serious damage to your walls. Queue the entrance of bathroom exhaust fans with light and heat, specifically designed to disperse moisture and keep your bathroom from becoming a dank, warm, mold stomping ground.

Obviously better when you can combine as many functions as possible into one appliance, the coupling of an exhaust fan, light, and heater is the perfect solution for a warm, convenient, and well cared for bathroom space. Unfortunately, in today’s world, it’s a bit difficult to find the time to sift through all the truckloads of information to find the truly worthwhile products. In this article we’ll discuss the finer points of how to choose the bathroom exhaust fan with light and heater that is right for you and the best fixtures available on the market today.

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What Should I Look For When Buying a Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Light and Heater?

While most of the requirements you’re looking for are the same requirements everyone else has when they search for a bathroom exhaust fan with light and heater, the small details are where you see the differentiation and each person’s subjective wants. For example, based on if you have a big or small bathroom, if you want a nondescript appliance or one that makes a statement, and even if you want a warm or cool light – all these will influence which fixture is right for you and set you apart from your similarly searching fellow consumers. While these are all important considerations, the five criteria necessary to consider before buying your bathroom exhaust fan are cost, function, appearance, warranty, and ratings.

#1. Cost: Always present, always relevant, the cost of something always puts it squarely in the category of affordable or out of our reach. As such, the cost is an important consideration and a good way to determine which products are best suited to each person’s individual needs.

#2. Function: The individual characteristics discussed above, like what size space it’s designed to aerate, the color of the lights, and the fan settings, are all specifications that fall into the function category and determine which products are best suited to each consumer based on his or her individual needs.

#3. Appearance: If you’re looking for a statement piece or one that will blend, this is where the aesthetic of the bathroom exhaust fan will come into play. Classic or modern, rustic or cutting edge, all these looks are different and require a different appliance. So while this is a subjective category, it’s one we’ll discuss. Additionally, the sones rating, meaning how loud it is, factors into the aesthetic experience and matters to the discerning shopper.

#4. Warranty: The warranty is a nice safety blanket in case of unforeseen complications – like a cracked frame or faulty mechanics – essentially anything that will keep you from getting the full use out of your purchase.

#5. Ratings: These are a great resource of information, as the ratings tell us how a product functions in the real world and not just in the ideal, sterile setting of a testing lab. Additionally, even honest upstanding companies have a subjective perspective on their product and its value. The consumer has the most objective perspective we can hope to get on the performance and quality of the product prior to purchase, and therefore reviews are a valuable resource we shall mine for information.

Here’s How I’ve Determined the Best Bathroom Exhaust Fans with Light and Heater

I first compiled a list of all the top-selling bathroom exhaust fans with light and heating element selling on the market. Next, when my list was complete, I researched each product, analyzing the different specs, warranties, cost, appearance, and ratings. Slowly eliminating based on comparison, I whittled the list down until I was left with a selection of the best bathroom exhaust fans of quality, selling on the market today. These are not organized from best to worst but are all included because each out-performed all the other available models on the market and cater to different people’s priorities. While one person might care a lot about cost, another might care more about aesthetics, and both will find a bath fan suited to them on this list.

Surprisingly, there were very few products available on the market that met the standard of quality and performance, while satisfying the basic criteria of moving air while also heating and lighting up the space. Therefore, I included the three best bathroom exhaust fans with light and heat, with a few honorable mentions of bath fans that help circulate the air in your bathroom while also providing light. So let’s begin!

Bathroom Fans with Lighting and Heat

#1. Delta Electronics RAD80L Best Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Heater and Light

Delta Breez RAD80L Exhaust 80 CFM Bathroom Fan with Light and Heater
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The Delta Bathroom Exhaust Fan is a white, rectangular fixture, with built-in heating and light, as well as a thermostat for temperature adjustment and regulation. Measuring approximately 14 by 8 inches, the Delta is a small, unobtrusive, yet highly effective addition to your bathroom, circulating the air while also keeping the space warm and providing some much-needed illumination to a naturally swampy, dim space. Made of galvanized steel, the Delta Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Light and Heat is specifically designed to withstand corrosion, making it a product that lasts longer and performs better.

Operating at 1.5 sones, the Delta is a quiet fan that won’t infringe on your ability to hear others from the next room or distract you from the necessary internal monologues that often happen in this specific room. Additionally, the built-in thermostat helps the temperature remain optimal for a comfortable experience. Energy Star qualified, the Delta is guaranteed to be energy efficient, using less energy and using it wisely, so that your expenditure goes down and your enjoyment goes up. Also, the heating element passes all UL standards for safety, making it reliable even in moist conditions.

The Delta has an 80 CFM score, meaning that it moves 80 cubic feet of air per minute, making it well suited to your small bathroom space. While the price is not the cheapest on the market, for general dependability and function, there is no higher performing bathroom fan with light and heat than the Delta. The heater and light combo are super convenient for your bathroom, as it means that you don’t have to spend more on additional appliances, and that no additional space is taken up by more fixtures. Especially for smaller bathrooms, uniting all three functions into one sleek package is a well-calculated decision.

The Delta Electronics Company offers a three-year limited warranty on their bathroom exhaust fan, making it a safe buy for those who want assurance of good quality and great performance.

The reviews are effusive, with people saying that the price is amazing and that the quality is high. While some with bigger bathroom spaces complained that the fan and heating were not strong enough, those with average to small-sized bathrooms can feel secure in buying this high-performing product.

Any shopper looking for a generally good bathroom appliance that will get the air moving, keep you warm, and provide some light in addition to not making too much noise should go for the Delta Exhaust Ventilation Bathroom Fan, as the one best guaranteed to provide satisfactory performance.

#2. Broan-Nutone QT9093WH Bathroom Fan

The Broan-Nutone Bathroom Fan is round and simple. Sitting almost flush with the ceiling, the Broan is round and made from galvanized steel, with a zinc grille painted white. The material is both hardy and adaptable, aesthetically suited to any setting. It also takes color well, allowing you to paint the Broan in any color you see fit, creating a piece that can be easily changed to suit your needs. The design is sleek yet unassuming, making it suited to both edgy and quaint decor.

The included 1500 watt heater is strong, capable of warming up a large bathroom space over 100 square feet. The Broan Bathroom Light and Heating Fan comes with a four-wall switch, making using this appliance an easy, straightforward process. The powerful incandescent light illuminates your bathroom, and the nighttime dim function is a convenient addition to make your bathroom experience a pleasant one. Instead of feeling like someone stabbed you in the eyes every time you visit the facilities at night, the dim setting makes you feel comfortable and safe, as well as not waking you up too much during your nighttime visit.

The Broan-Nutone is easy to install, with everything you need in your purchase, including mounting brackets and expandable hanger bars. A 3 sone sound system, the Broan is a bit louder than your average fridge, however, this is more than compensated for by excellent aeration, preventing mold and the corrosion of all your bathroom décor. The Broan Nutone is HVI Certified, meaning that the product was tested by an independent third-party and conclusively proven to meet internationally accepted standards of airflow, lighting, and sound.

On the more expensive side of things, the Broan is a great appliance that joins simplicity with ideal function. While sometimes intellectuals prove their smarts by making things more complicated, the Broan-Nutone designers understand that the true mark of quality is to simplify something complex, a feat that they have achieved with the Broan Bathroom Exhaust Heating and Light Fan.

With a one-year limited warranty and excellent customer reviews, the discerning buyer that can afford to spend a little more should look no farther than the Broan-Nutone, by far the best three-in-one fan for large bathroom spaces.

#3. AeroPure A515A Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Lighting and Heat

AeroPure Bathroom Exhaust Fan has an almost retro look, with two bulbs and a rectangular shape, conjuring memories of an older time. Rather quaint, the AeroPure exhaust fan is available in multiple sizes, allowing the user to choose between a two and four bulb appliance. White like the other models, the AeroPure is a great way to ensure your bathroom is fully decked out with all the necessities. With separate wiring for fan, heater, and light bulbs, the AeroPure is equipped with a multi-function switch, prioritizing the consumer experience.

The quietest of the listed models, the AeroPure emits 1 sone, about as quiet as a fridge, really ideal for unobtrusive bathroom ventilation. Moving 80 cubic feet of air per second, the AeroPure is great in the bathroom space, as it is both quiet and very effective.

The heating comes from two lamps that both glow and provide heat, lending to visibility while also getting your bathroom nice and toasty, in addition to the main lamp for illumination. Tested and certified against UL standards for electrical safety, the AeroPure is guaranteed to work effectively and safely in your home, as long as it is not installed directly over the bathtub or shower.

The AeroPure Exhaust Fan produces 60 lumens, enough for soft illumination for a small space but not for a brightly lit larger environment. This makes the appliance ideal for smaller bathroom situations, and with the included mounting brackets and maintenance grilles, the AeroPure comes ready for instant use. Included within the AeroPure Exhaust Fan purchase is a four year warranty by far the most comprehensive of any offered for these three models.

While not nearly the most expensive model available on the market, the AeroPure is a substantial investment, legitimized by the great design of the product, as well as the positive reviews. While many cheaper models exist, none have better reviews at a lower price point, with as many performance perks and user reviews.

Bathrooms Fans with Light

Unfortunately, the field of bathroom appliance products combining a fan, heater, and light into one consolidated package was underwhelming, with few products available that functioned well, with reasonable pricing and quality performance. Therefore, I’ve included a few more products below that offer good prices and have great reviews.

#1: Homewerks 7141-110 Bathroom Exhaust Fan (Best Value – All-Purpose)

The Homewerks Bathroom Exhaust Fan is a nondescript, modern ceiling fixture. Measuring in at approximately 12 inches diameter, the Homewerks sports a 900 lumens white LED for maximum light in your bathroom with minimal energy. So that you can best make this determination for yourself, lumens measure how much light is produced per square foot. In a bathroom, you need approximately 70-80 lumens per square foot.

White, galvanized steel, the Homewerks has a smooth rimmed finish, creating a seamless blend with the surrounding space. Additionally, the galvanized steel is ideal for preventing corrosion in a notoriously moist environment, all while ridding your space of excess moisture.

The Homewerks functions at 2 sones and moves 110 cubic feet of air per minute, meaning that it has a strong fan while the noise level is kept relatively low. Available in three different incremental sizes, the Homewerks Exhaust provides lots of quality and versatility to the average shopper, and the three year limited warranty goes a long way to ensure the buyer of maximum performance and guaranteed replacement in case of malfunction or malware.

Installing the Homewerks unit is easy, requiring no cutting and easily attaching to your ceiling. Of all the models discussed, the Homewerks is significantly cheaper than the others, as well as being highly reviewed by consumers. Many commented that the Homewerks Bathroom Light and Exhaust Fan works great, sits flush with the ceiling, and is not loud. Of the detractors, the few that left comments said that the light was too blue – an aesthetic problem that most did not experience. Finally, one person had difficulty with installation but this seemed to be a unique struggle not shared by the masses.

For anyone looking for a great bathroom fan that casts some good strong light and is minimally loud, the Homewerks Bathroom Fan is a great option.

#2. Hunter 82023 Bathroom Fan with Light

Hunter 82023 Belle Meade 80 CFM Bathroom Fan with Light
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The Hunter Bathroom Fan comes at this product from another angle altogether, combining modern technology with rustic charm. Pretty and bronze with golden accents around the rim, the Hunter 82023 is a domed fixture reminiscent of a lantern. While the Homewerks was criticized for casting a light too blue, the Hunter’s light is all golden sunshine, bringing warmth to any space. The frosted glass creates an intimate atmosphere that, while lit, is not glaring.

Moving 80 cubic feet of air per minute, the Hunter produces 2 sones – a quiet, unobtrusive presence that rids your bathroom of excess moisture and gets the air circulating so that warm steam doesn’t stick around long enough to breed mold and odor.

According to ETL and UL listings, the Hunter Bathroom Exhaust Fan is cleared for use over the bathtub or shower, a distinctive difference that might be significant for shoppers looking to install something directly above their shower room. While the Homewerks bathroom appliance cannot be used in such a way, the Hunter 82023 can be used with a GCFI circuit to withstand steam and circulate air in the bathroom directly above the source.

This unit is incredibly affordable, making it ideal for someone looking to cut costs while still choosing a statement piece. While the interior bulbs are not included in the purchase, the 5 year limited warranty makes this a worthwhile purchase for anyone looking to protect their interests by spending less and being guaranteed for longer.

The reviews for the Hunter 82023 were very positive, saying that it looks nice and is quiet. Word to the wise, however, this unit casts a warm, dim glow, not good for really lighting up a space. For someone looking for an attractive, rustic looking fixture that blends nicely into the background noise level and removes excess moisture from your space, this is the ideal bathroom fan with light for you.

Budget Options

Budgeting is a tricky business, as it’s often tempting to pass up what we truly want in favor of something cheaper, only to forever begrudge the cheap purchase for not providing all the functionality that the more expensive one would have. Nevertheless, some cheaper options deserve an honorable mention for filling in when your wallet is light. While these cannot fully replace the more expensive options listed above, they do meet an acceptable standard of functionality and service.

#1 Tech Drive Ventilation and Exhaust Fan with LED light (Under $60)

The Tech Drive Ventilation Fan has an included LED light that, while dim, is a nice night light for any space. Made of metal, the white fixture casts a stark glow against the wall or ceiling depending on where it’s placed, and the 2 sone sound it makes blends nicely into background noise. The 70 cubic feet per minute exhaust rate will aerate up to 75 square feet of bathroom space.

The main light output is 600 lumens using low wattage LED energy, and the entire unit is very easy to install. With installation in a GFCI protected branch circuit, this appliance can be used directly over the shower or tub and is UL certified for safety and performance.

The reviews were very positive, with one person saying he can finally hear himself think but also that the air circulates nicely in his bathroom space. Well worth the cost, for those looking for a low-budget alternative to the more expensive ones on this list, this is a nice choice.

#2 Air King BFQ 110 BFQ110 Exhaust Fan (Under $40)

The Air King Bathroom Exhaust Fan is a simple design with a white grill and a square frame. HVI and UL certified for safe and efficient energy use, the Air King has plastic housing which is highly resistive to rust and corrosion caused by moist or salty areas. Operating at 50 cubic feet per minute, the Air King is exceptionally quiet, only producing a sound strength of 0.5 sones, which is about the sound of a whisper. For anyone irritated by loud repetitive noises, the Air King is by far the most compatible with your needs.

Especially easy to install, the Air King has a snap-in system, creating a much easier installation process that requires much less expertise. The Air King is also rated by Energy Star, which means that it is energy efficient and that you ultimately spend less on energy than you would with non-Energy Star compliant products.

Reviews said that the fan worked great, but that installation was a bit more complex than indicated. On the whole, the fan system itself is a great success and well worth the buy.

#3 Broan-NuTone 688 Ceiling and Wall Ventilation Fan (Under $20)

The Broan-Nutone 688 is a simple ventilation fan. Not providing any additional light or heat, this model effectively circulates your air, preventing mustiness and getting rid of stagnation. Internal galvanized steel prevents corrosion, while the exterior plastic blends with any white ceiling or can be repainted to perfectly match your décor.

The Broan-Nutone 688 operates at 50 cubic feet per minute and 4.0 sones. This is a louder system, and it circulates the air more slowly than the above-discussed models. However, at its price point, this product could not have better reviews and has no equal in terms of function.

For someone who really needs to budget but also needs some form of ventilation for the bathroom, this is the ideal purchase.

Is a Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Light and Heater Right for You?

The major advantage to getting a bathroom appliance that combines a light fixture, heating unit, and fan in one neat package is that it’s less of an expenditure and has the charm of killing three birds with one stone or one trip to the store. Additionally, when decorating a room, how things are situated combine to make a more or less cohesive space. Therefore, having one appliance with multiple uses is a great way to conserve space and not over-clutter your ceiling.

On the flip side, it seems that as uses are consolidated into one appliance, while the product because more multi-purpose, the quality of each function goes down. This means that the fans, heaters, and light fixtures that I looked at performed better in each of their categories than the fixtures that consolidated all of these separate tasks.

If you’re working with a smaller bathroom space, then the exhaust fan with light and heater is a great decision, as it minimizes space eaten up by appliances. Additionally, if your goal is to save, then the consolidated fixture is a savvy move, as instead of spending on three you only spend on one. However, someone who can spare the space and the money should consider separating these tasks at least into two, as the specialized appliances tend to perform better.

Installing Pros and Cons

Self-installation is a tempting proposition, as it cuts down on excess bills and checks you have to fill out to enjoy the product you already paid for. Instead of hiring a professional who is aching to overcharge you, you can simply get out your rusted screwdriver, hold up your diagram and begin. In many cases, this is fine. Often, manufacturers include step-by-step instructions, because they understand that many buyers prefer not to have to spend more than the price on the item they’ve just purchased. Installation can be easy and speedy, giving you a fan that will heat up, illuminate, and circulate the standing air in a moist, stagnant place.

Unfortunately, this is not always the end result. Sometimes results much more closely tend towards frayed wires and a frazzled you with frizzy hair, looking in consternation at all the pieces strewn across your floor. This is a real risk when deciding to self-install – that you won’t be successful. That in itself is not so bad, although it will require calling a professional. The worse fate is calling in a professional only for them to tell you it’s permanently damaged beyond repair…and charge you for their professional opinion. While some companies are fairly gracious, it is conditional in many warranties that coverable damages be caused through natural use and not through direct incompetence or negligence. Before taking it upon yourself to self-install, double-check that self-installation does not void the company’s warranty policy.

Verdict: Your Best Bathroom Exhaust Fans with Light and Heater 

Although there are not many high-quality options to choose from, the ones discussed are dependable and high performing, sure to satisfy any fanning, heating, and illuminating needs.

If you’re looking for general high quality, then the Delta is reasonably priced and has amazing reviews, guaranteeing you years of good use.

If you can afford to spend a bit more for the best of the best and want to aerate a larger space, then the Broan-Nutone is most suited to meet your desires, as nothing else equals it for quality and warming capability.

If you’re currently on a tight budget and can’t afford to buy a more expensive, greater functionality product, then the Hunter is a fabulous, cheaper alternative guaranteed to shine in any space and keep it mold-free.

Hope this has been an illuminating process for you. Happy shopping.

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