The Best Quiet Fans in 2023

It’s still hot outside, and you don’t want another electric bill that forces you to eat ramen all week. We’ve all been there. That’s why a fan for cooling the house is just what you need. Some people love fans that can make noise, especially if they use a fan for sleeping. However, maybe you’re someone who wants a fan that’s felt and not heard.

Let’s look at the best quiet fan money can buy.

What Should I Look for When Buying Quiet Fans? 

When you need some cooling, you may be tempted to pick the first fan you see. However, you should look at some fans before you make a decision. Here are several things to look for when purchasing a fan.


This is the first thing you’re going to be looking for in a quiet fan. Obviously, fans have different noise levels depending on what speed you have them on, but the best fans deliver plenty of air and cooling without being too loud.

Obviously, this one is a little subjective. People may have different definitions on what is quiet. While there’s no way to truly test the fan for yourself unless you already have it, one way to get insight is to watch some YouTube videos of the fan in action, or look at Amazon reviews that have videos attached.

Type of Fan

There are many types of fans. You have the floor fan, which is a small, boxy fan you put on the ground. There’s the table fan, which fits on a desk, table, or other piece of furniture. There’s the tower fan that stands tall and moves plenty of air around your room. Finally, there’s a stand fan, which is like the floor fan, but it is propped up through a stand and a pole.


Some fans have a remote. Although cheaper ones don’t have it, a remote is good for when you want to adjust the speed and you don’t want to walk over to the fan itself. Cheap fans won’t have remotes, but more expensive ones will, especially if it’s a tower fan.

With that said, you have to make sure the remote feels good in your hands. Some have buttons that are hard to press, especially if they are cheaper.


Some fans have a timer, meaning that it will turn off automatically when you set it. This is good if you want to save energy, or you want the fan to turn off after you sleep. Some fans will have a timer that’s 7 hours, and others will go to 14.

Luckily, fans don’t spend too much energy, but being able to turn it off without having to do it yourself is so convenient.


How fast can it go? Fans with high speed can deliver more air, and fans that are quiet do so with less noise. A cheap, quiet fan will have only three or so speed levels, while a more expensive fan will have 10 or more levels. That way, you pick the amount of air and noise that’s right for you.


A taller quiet fan may not come fully assembled, and you may have to do the work yourself. A smaller fan, meanwhile, should be ready to use when you take it out of the box. With that said, a fan you have to assemble shouldn’t be that hard to do.


A fan that’s quiet should keep your room cool, especially if you’re using it as a replacement for an AC. Different types of fans will deliver different results. A more expensive fan that’s quiet will keep your room cool with little noise and plenty of cool air.

Blade or Bladeless? Also, Other Safety Features

Most of us know how a fan works. Electricity makes the blades spin, delivering air to you. However, there are several problems with blades. For one, they get dusty after a while and cleaning them can be a hassle. For another, children or pets can touch them when they are spinning, possibly causing injury. Yes, the blades have protection, but a young child can be crafty.

While they are pricier, there are bladeless fan options that can deliver cool air without any blades.

Let’s talk about another safety feature. Some floor fans may have a button on their bottom, which is pressed down when the fan is standing. Should the fan be knocked over, the button is no longer pressed and the fan shuts off. This can give owners some more peace of mind.


When you have a fan, you want one that is durable. For one, it should stand proud without feeling wobbly or feeling cheap. Should it fall over, you want a fan that can still work. Finally, you want to have a fan that is going to run a long time without any issue. Obviously, there are many factors that can influence the durability of a fan, but one that is known to be durable may last you much longer.


If you’re buying a cheap, $15 fan, you probably won’t care too much about the warranty. However, if you buy a more expensive quiet fan, you may want to make sure the warranty is a few years or more. Should it have problems, you can take it back.


You can find a quiet fan for every budget. Some fans are cheap, while others cost hundreds of dollars and have different features. Pick the right fan that’s quiet for your situation.

And there you are. These are some features you should be on the lookout for when picking the best fan for the job.

Here’s How We’ve Determined the Best Quiet Fans

We looked at several types of fans, including a tower fan, table fan, and others. We picked several fans of varying budgets and power. Finally, we read the reviews and tried to pick quiet fans that had decent reviews. Without further ado, let’s look at some quiet fans.

#1: PELONIS PFS40D8AWW (Best Value – All-Purpose)

The best quiet fan is one that’s mid-range in price and gives you everything you’re looking for. We believe that this one beats the competition in that regard.

When you open this fan’s Amazon page, you’ll notice that you can pick from the original model, and an upgraded model for 2020. Let’s look at the upgraded model.

This manages to be one of the quietest fans around, but it doesn’t sacrifice on performance. It’ll improve the airflow throughout the room and keep you cool all night and day. It has a whopping 12 speeds and 3 wind modes, along with an LED display to show your selection.

This quiet fan also has a timer. If you want to be energy efficient, you can time your fan to turn off 8 hours after you wake up. This fan also has a remote control. Not only is it convenient when you’re in bed, but you can control the auto shut-off with ease.

Reviews of this quiet fan have been positive overall, with most saying it’s one of the quietest fans around. Some people had issues with the fan’s shut off timer working or had electric issues, but they’re in the minority.

#2: Dyson Air Multiplier AM06 (Best Machine)

Look ma, no blades! This quiet fan is expensive and should only be purchased if you have the budget. What makes this fan stand out from the competition? Let’s find out.

The first thing you’ll notice is that this quiet fan is bladeless. This is good for those who like a minimalist style or want to keep kids and pets away from the blades. No blades means it’s easier to clean, too, and it won’t collect as much dust. It manages to be super quiet noise-wise, yet it keeps the air cool all through the whole room.

This fan does have a remote control. Like the Pelonis, you can control the airflow speed settings and have a timer. One downside when compared to the Pelonis is that this does have fewer speed settings and the auto shut-off timer is only up to nine hours. However, most people won’t mind that.

This fan does have a 2-year warranty, which is one more than Pelonis’s. Considering the investment, having a 2-year warranty gives you some peace of mind.

Reviews of this quiet fan have been positive. Most say that’s it’s one of the best super quiet fans money can buy. It manages to have an intuitive remote control and speed settings for every use. With that said, some people did say that the fan wasn’t worth the price tag.

#3: Lasko Portable Electric 42″ (Best Tower Fan)

If you’re looking for a fan with a tower design, we believe that this is the right fan for you. This tower fan has three speed settings, giving it a little less variety than the previous two, but it manages to spread air throughout the room and keep you cool during the heat.

It is fan that is quiet, too. Even on high speed settings, this tower fan manages to be quiet enough so you can still hear the TV. It does have a timer that is up to 7.5 hours. We do wish it would cover all 8 hours of sleep, but that’s okay. Its LED does dim at night, making it convenient. This is also a tall, yet thin fan that is good for most areas of the home.

Reviews of this quiet fan have been positive overall. Most say it’s a quiet fan that manages to have some powerful air flow that keeps the room cool. The biggest criticism of this fan centered around its remote control, which was not intuitive according to some users.

#4: AmazonBasics 3 Speed Air Circulator, 7-Inch (Best Low Cost)

If you’re looking for a quiet fan and you’re on a budget, you don’t need to pay much, especially if your room is small. This is your basic quiet fan that has low noise, yet can keep the room cool. Unlike the previous three, it doesn’t have a remote control. It’s your traditional fan that you control through buttons on the fan itself.

Its head can rotate at a 90-degree angle to keep the air near you if you need it to be. Another thing we should mention is that for a little more, you can buy an 11-inch fan if you are on a budget, but have a bigger room.

Reviews of this budget 90-degree fan have been positive. Most say it’s a cheap, yet powerful fan with plenty of air flow and silence. It manages to keep the whole room cool while not costing too much. While it doesn’t have advanced speed settings or a remote control, it still manages to hold its own.

Negative reviews center around people not being satisfied with its power or design, but most people are satisfied with such a cheap price tag. Even though it’s a good value, a cheap fan only goes so far.

#5: Honeywell HTF210B (Best Table Fan)

A table fan is good if you need some cool air when you’re at your computer or want to stay cool during dinnertime. It may be small, but this fan manages to be cool, quiet, and powerful. It’s energy-efficient, too. Despite it being a table fan, it does manage to keep the whole room cool.

It has several power settings and sound settings, along with a timer. Unlike the first three, it doesn’t have a remote control, but considering you’re going to have this table fan close by, you can just turn it off by reaching for it.

Reviews of this fan have been positive. Most say it’s one of the best quiet fans for the table and manages to deliver cool air to the room without making too much noise. There are some reviewers who say the fan isn’t quiet, is underpowered, or is weak, but they are in the minority.

Also, some reviewers ended up getting a fan that wasn’t a Honeywell. Make sure you are getting the right fan. Buy from a seller who is honest and see if there is a return plan should something be amiss. You don’t want to end up with something you didn’t order and have no way for you to return it.

Budget Options:

Quiet fans can be cheap, so if you need some cooling for your room and are on a budget, these fans should help.

#1 Budget: Honeywell HT-900

Honeywell HT-900 TurboForce Air Circulator 3 Speed Floor Fan
Get the Honeywell HT-900 at Staples

This is a small fan that’s good for your table or for your bedside drawer. It’s small, yet manages to be low noise and move some air around your room.

#2 Budget: OPOLAR USB Fan

This makes a good desktop computer fan due to it using USB. However, you can easily use it for another room by using a wall outlet adapter. It manages to be quiet and small, yet its fan blades are powerful.

#3 Budget: Aluan Fan

This is another USB fan that is low on noise, but it’s one of best quiet fans if you’re on a short budget. It’s similar to the previous entry, with the only difference in the fan’s construction being its base.

Are There Any Quiet Fans?

Yes! Back in the day, fans were loud if you wanted to get any air out of them. At the lowest settings, they did lack in the noise department, but good luck getting any air movement.

However, fans nowadays have improved leaps and bounds in this department. They make much less noise while pushing out enough air to keep you cool.

Verdict: Your Best Quiet Fans

And there we go. We looked at the best fans money can buy. In case your loud fan was preventing you from hearing us, here are the top five fans again.

First, we have the PELONIS PFS40D8AWW. This is one of the best fans for most people, with low noise, but high air power, plenty of settings, a remote, a shut-off timer, and all of this at a mid-range price.

Second, there’s the Dyson Air Multiplier AM06. This is an expensive fan, but it manages to move air without any noise to your room, have plenty of speed settings, and above all else, have no fan blades.

Third, we have the Lasko Portable Electric 42″. This is a tower fan that has low noise, speed choices, and it manages to move plenty of air around the room. This tower fan also has a remote as well. If you need a tower fan, it should be your first choice.

Fourth, we have the AmazonBasics 3 Speed Air Circulator, 7-Inch. This is a budget fan that doesn’t make too much noise and moves plenty of air around your room. It only has three speed choices and lacks any fancy features, but if you need a fan on the cheap, we recommend this one.

Finally, there’s the Honeywell HTF210B. This is a fan for your table that is quite useful. It’s small, but lacks noise and gives you plenty of air to cool off.

And there we go. A good fan that doesn’t make too much noise can be a lifesaver. The AC can get pricey, and if it dies, you may have to wait a while until you can get it repaired. Until then, a good fan can save you some trouble. There are quite a few fans for many budgets, so find the one that is right for you.

We hope you found the best fan for your situation. Good luck.

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